Acting Class

Acting Classes

Spring Acting Intensive

February 11th to March 18th
(Every Saturday)

Memphis' most popular TV/Film Acting Program for Kids/Teens

Do you want to be on Television, Movies, Commercials or do you just have a passion for Acting?

Through hands-on participation, dramatic activities and live stage performances, students have the opportunity to expand their skills in acting, public speaking and performing as well as build confidence and learn to think more creatively and critically. The course was created with the confident, articulate and outgoing child in mind, more specifically it was created for the child that wants to accept new challenges and explore new directions.

Classes are held on Saturday for 10 weeks and provide kids/tweens and teens a safe and fun place to practice and learn acting techniques.

The curriculum includes Technique, Script Analysis, Monologues, Improvs, Scenes and Character Development.

Whether the purpose is for you to turn professional, or simply enjoy acting, performing and even writing. The exposure to a LilyRoze Studios experience will bring out his or her self- esteem and self-confidence. LilyRoze workshops are a hands-on experience where your children will learn all aspects of theater and film. Our classes are a great mix of games, learning, and fun that will have your child wishing it was Saturday every day of the week!

Regular class activities include speech training, mini-scripts (in pairs or threes), monologues, small group improvisations, character analysis, auditioning skill development, and production techniques.

  • Acting Film/TV 
  • On Camera Commercial  
  • Voice Over 
  • Hosting

  • Stage Combat
  • Improv   
  • Theater

Adult Acting classes

Calling ALL Adults--

Join us for the adult acting classes!

In this creative, safe and fun space you will learn to develop your craft with tools that will help sharpen your acting skills.

Everyone has to start somewhere…right? If you are new to acting then this is a great place to start!

This is an acting-for-film and stage professional Meisner training program. It focuses on instrument development, and is designed to train beginning actors using the Meisner Acting Technique. The focus of the Meisner approach is for the actor to "get out of their head.” The curriculum will consist of helping the new actor with Improvisation, Emotional Preparation, Text Analysis/Cold Reading, Scene Study, Contemporary Movement, Voice/Speech, Voice-over Technique and Acting for the Camera.

LilyRoze Studios is a 501c3 dramatic arts organization. The event is provided free of charge, however we do require a donation of any size to support ongoing classes.

Script Writing 101

This 4-week script writing course will guide and help provide you with the tools to develop a television, stage play or movie script, in a timely, professional manner. In this course you will learn effective dialogue techniques, how to avoid common dialogue problems, techniques to make each characters’ voice unique, how to make your characters’ words carry weight and plenty more elements. The curriculum covers Character Building, Developing Story Themes, Bulletproof Plotting and Formatting. If you already have an idea, we will help you write your script in 1 month. If you're an aspiring writer, we will help you develop ideas to create your masterpiece.


Of course not everybody can do this but I truly believe that by following this timeline nearly anyone can write a script in a month. The key to this method is to be very loose, you don’t have to get everything down perfectly the first time... that’s what the second script draft is for!


The most amazing thing about this course is that you have a personal instructor holding you accountable, walking you through every step, helping you create your script scene by scene. This class is recommended for Adults and advanced teens.