About Us

About Us

Lily Roze Studios was founded in 2007 and is an All-In-One Theatre, Television, Fashion, Music and Dance Production Center.

Our Mission

To be a renowned organization using events to change the lives and minds of people, LilyRoze envisions people of all ages and cultures coming together, unified and empowered by bringing awareness through the arts, creating and formatting how we live and grow in our communities. The Mission of The LilyRoze Foundation, Inc. is threefold: -To holistically transform lives by helping young people face demanding and challenging situations with strength and enthusiasm. -To teach youth through the medium of art how to be good and conscientious citizens. -To create inventive material revolving around communal issues and values relevant to the lives of all people.

Our Founder: Nadia Matthews

A native Memphian, Nadia began her career at the early age of 16 when she wrote, produced, directed and starred in the hit stage play “A Ghetto Fairytale”. The play opened to local acclaim, and was a four-night sellout. Nadia unselfishly donated the proceeds from the production to the HBCU Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis. Her generosity was recognized by the college, and she was titled as the youngest contributor in the college's 145-year history.

Discouraged by her surroundings and negative publicity concerning the area's youth, Nadia decided to take matters into her own hands. She developed a solution to get youth to listen and react -- her spin on “show and tell” -- through the arts, and through her programs and seminars of personal empowerment.

Growing up in Memphis, Nadia never shied away from a microphone, a stage, or a writing opportunity. Her youthful presentations included church holiday speaker, spelling bee commentator, high school news anchor, and school playwright. In 2007, she appeared in an invitational performance for Dr. Bill Cosby. She later assisted in regional performances of ”By Any Means Necessary” starring nationally-known actors Tisha-Cambell Martin, Chante Moore, Guy Torrey,Dave Hollister, and Shar Jackson. Without a doubt -- she's a mover and a shaker!

As an entrepreneur, activist, motivational speaker, actor, writer, producer/director of films and stage plays, Founder and CEO of The LilyRoze Foundation, Director for the Miss Prestige Pageant, Co-Owner of BeDazzled Birthdays, this businesswoman is tireless in building her conglomerate enterprise, Lilyroze Inc. Nadia has applied her perceptive business shrewdness and zeal for her work to create numerous brands. She's the driving force behind the brand's creative designs, ad campaign strategy, and marketing concepts. An enthusiastic philanthropist and patron of the arts, Nadia gives her time and her heart to the non-profit side of her organization, The LilyRoze Foundation. It’s goals are designed to reach inner-city youth through outreach programs and workshops.

Making her mark on the mid-south, Nadia's dynamic efforts caught the attention of national media in 2009. On March 27, Nadia appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in New York as a guest. The “Models For a Day” show featured women dedicated to their communities, and Nadia's story was told on national television. Tyra herself crowned Nadia “The Goddess of Hope and Riches”, in recognition of her business and philanthropic work. Nadia's popular seminars and workshops have a transformative effect on youth across the mid-south, statewide, and regionally, and she's ready to take her campaigns worldwide. She debuted the stage play “Bitter/Sweet 16” to challenge the thinking of audiences with it's current -- yet timeless message of failure and redemption. LilyRoze Studio moved into its current facilities in the fall of 2011. This 2,500 square foot Studio, located on 810 S. Main St. in Memphis TN, consists of a Mini Movie Theatre, Photography Studio, Fashion/Modeling Studio, Mobile Computer Lab, Green Screen, Conference Room, Dance/Fitness Studio, Stage/Runway, Lounge, Gift Shop, Concession Bar, Trendy Patio/Lawn, Wi-Fi, Flat Screen in Lobby/ Conference Room.

Nadia is the head instructor and teaches weekly kid, teens and Adult Master Acting Classes. The studio has produced a Christian based TV-Pilot, short films, commercials and theatrical showcases. Nadia aims to create a Hollywood like atmosphere for her students to grow and learn.